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Enjoy Top Quality Natural Health Products from our Extensive Collection

A growing amount of research shows that high quality supplementation, including vitamins, health tonics and natural blends of herbs and plant extracts can all play a significant role in improving health and well-being.  We stock a wide range of natural health products, each of which are made by a prestigious manufacturers and offers excellent value for the money.  If you’re serious about giving your body what it needs for optimal well-being, we’re here to help.

Health Food Store Shirlyns

Top Brands for Less

We stock product collections from well-known brands such as Sunny Green, VegLife, Planetary Herbals, Garden of Life and Kal, enabling you to stock your pantry shelves with high grade natural health products that benefit from exceptional nutritional content.  We have selections of merchandise which are suitable for gluten free, vegetarian, vegan, Paleo and raw eating regimes.  When you become a member with us here at Shirlyn’s, you can expect to enjoy up to 50% or more off the price of all our natural health products.

Our Team

We're Always Happy to Provide Recommendations about Supplementation

Whether you want our ideas for the tastiest smoothie, need a herbal remedy, or are looking for natural health products that are likely to boost your immune system and improve your energy levels, our team will always do their utmost to find the perfect fit for you.  With plenty of experience behind them and manufacturers training on many of our lines, we know our staff will be able to give you genuinely helpful advice.

Supplements, Cosmetics and More, All at Affordable Prices

While we are happy to ship products to you if required, most of our members prefer to stop by the closest store each month. Take advantage of our Wellness Treatments as well to help maintain the healthy lifestyle you deserve.


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