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You want only the freshest foods and products imaginable for the sustenance and health of your family.


Being healthy means more than just eating right; it also involves keeping your mind, spirit, and body to be healthy.


Environmentally friendly products are just the beginning of your incredible journey to health and happiness with Shirlyns.



You and your family deserve the best tasting foods and products, which you’ll find at Shirlyns.


Whether the products you choose contain yams or not, yammy is the word to describe the deliciousness and healthfulness of our products.


With our products, you’ll always get the highest quality items, all without the premium prices.

Discounted Products from Well-Known Brands

Healthy nutrition that uses the power of nature to promote the body’s regeneration, repair and renewal is always a good choice to make.  We carry product from industry leading suppliers, including Garden of Life, Evalar, Get Real, Savest and VegLife, enabling you to enjoy pure food that have considerable nutritional value.  We cater to a selection of diets, so if you follow a Vegan, Vegetarian, Paleo, Raw or other healthy eating plan, we’ve plenty of delicious options available.

The Shirlyn’s Difference

  • Superior service from a knowledgeable person.
  • Discount pricing on quality products.
  •  The right product for your needs.

At Shirlyn’s Natural Foods customer service is not a department – it’s everyone’s job.

Committed To Giving You More

When you become a member of Shirlyn’s you don’t just save money, you also gain access to a wealth of other benefits.  Membership of Shirlyn’s automatically means you pay at least 20% less than the usual price on all our products.
The discount is also applied to our massage treatments, colonics and Asyra
diagnostic bioresonance testing.  Our staff is knowledgeable and regularly
attends manufacturer-run training, enabling them to offer product
recommendations and tailored solutions with confidence.


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